Social Integration

We believe in the power of community to bring people together

We believe in the power of community to bring people together and ignite meaningful connections.

Society is built on relationships and interaction, which are crucial for happy, healthy lives. However, as our cities grow, so does social isolation. In cities around the world, millions of people are reporting feelings of loneliness and disconnection.

In every country, there are communities that face barriers to participating fully in political, economic, social and cultural life. Social exclusion is one of these barriers, meaning individuals are wholly or partially excluded from the society in which they live. We want to identify communities that face this barrier, and provide them with the support they need to overcome it. In doing this, we can create a more stable, safe and just society where every person has a role to play.

Through our initiatives, we are working to build more connected communities with engaged citizens. We are tackling loneliness and bringing people together to create meaningful connections and positive social change.

Our impact in London

Mission #3: Connecting communities

Creating a more socially integrated London starts with building meaningful relationships between Londoners of all backgrounds. This means providing social events and opportunities for people to interact with each other, crossing social and cultural divides to enhance their social network and reduce social isolation.

Mission #4: Breaking down social barriers

We envision a city where people are free from discrimination, know their rights and are protected by those rights. To achieve this, we need to identify the groups who are at risk of social exclusion and inequality, then work alongside them to create a more equal community.

Let’s catalyse 
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